A Guide To Explore The Attractions Of Western Australia

Vacation is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the world and the time to find peace within yourself. Everyone needs a short break after working endlessly for a whole year. Allow yourself to relax a little and jump on the flight to go for a vacation in Australia with the help of travel agents Melbourne

Australia offers a large number of tourist attractions all over its horizon. Whether you want to see the unseen tourist attractions in the northern territory of Australia or take a trip to visit the south of Australia, there is an endless array of beauties to witness. 

Western Australia also offers a lot to see during your vacation through travel agents Sydney. Read this comprehensive guide to explore the popular tourist attractions in Western Australia.

Cottesloe Beach

The locals refer to this place as “Cott”, which is one of the top tourist attractions in Western Australia. It takes 20 minutes to reach this place in Perth City via public transport. If you have a love for water and sand, then you can spend one complete day here enjoying splashing the water, running in the sand, eating and boozing. The place is filled with places to eat and booze. Enjoy the breeze on the beach in your hair and quench your hunger and thirst at the same time. Take a dip in the water and have a perfect picnic with your family and friends under perfect weather. 

Kings Park

If you are in Perth, then it is definitely worth it to witness the magnificent beauty of Kings Park. Tourists from all around, including the natives, eagerly wait to witness this amazing tourist attraction. This place is bucket list worthy whenever you plan on visiting the western side of Australia. Experience a combination of European and aboriginal heritage in the entire Kings Park with the help of travel agents Sydney. Explore the places perfect for your instagram and Facebook feed, such as the DNA tower, and create a bag full of wonderful memories.

Fremantle Markets

Know the culture of the western side of Australia by experiencing the unique aura of a street market in Perth. The place is mentioned as one of the must-visit places in Western Australia. The street market allows you to witness the essence of western Australia as you witness the rush on the weekends. Get your hands on the local souvenirs and the hand-made products and take home art that incorporates everlasting memories. 

Cape Le Grand National Park

This iconic place is the land of wonderful wildlife. Visit the land of incredible creatures, including Pygmy Possums, Western Gray Kangaroo and rolling heathlands. The Cape Le Grand National Park is indeed one of the greatest tourist attractions of western Australia that you absolutely need to visit with the help of travel agents Melbourne. Enjoy the marvellous beauty of the national park during the day and spend the best time by the campfire at night.  

Lucky Bay

Western Australia offers an endless series of beautiful places that you can’t take your eyes off. Another beautiful attraction that is highly recommended to explore with the help of travel agents Sydney is Lucky Bay in Esperance. The wide bay area is located within the Cape Le Grand National Park, which offers the sight of granite outcrops and white sand beaches. Get the sight of hundreds of friendly kangaroos playing and enjoying with the visitors.

These are some of the places that you can visit and experience the regional beauty in Australia within your budget with the help of travel agents Brisbane. Make sure to plan out your trip wisely so as not to miss out on anything as you visit the wonderful western side of Australia. 

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