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    Welcome to Sai World Travel- Team of Trained Travel Agents

    Living in Sydney and wanting to make travel plans overseas for study, visit home country, or for travel, requires a lot of paperwork and time for visa approval. Maybe you are stuck with your study, business, and office or have a lack of knowledge of the same then chances of extremely tiring, unplanned trip that ends in a mess. It is not the case when you contact Sai World Travel, we are one of the best Indian travel agents in Sydney. We understand holidays can never be dull and we ensure taking care of your travel plan, flight tickets, hotel bookings travel insurance, and all your requirements are talked well so that you can feel almost at home while on a tour. On your holidays, we ensure you visit the gasp-inducing tourist attractions. You can share your interests and our travel agents will show you the available plans or prepare the custom plans based on the choice of places, and requirements under budget. The idea is to ensure your tour will be a blend of fun and relaxation. So, whatever your preferences like visiting rich heritage sites, vast gardens, and rich architecture for a holiday experience or going to the home place we are just a call away.

    Employ Sydney's Top Travel Agents to Arrange Your Dream Trip to India

    Having plans to take a close look at the rich culture of India, be in touch with nature’s beauty, explore incredible India, or just want to be with your family in India, we provide you with a range of flights from Sydney to leading cities of India.
    flights to Ahemdabad

    Sydney to Ahmedabad

    flights to Banglore from Melbourne

    Sydney to Bangalore

    flights to Chennai from Melbourne Brisbane

    Sydney to Chennai

    flights to Delhi India from Melbourne

    Sydney to Delhi

    flights to Hyderabad

    Sydney to Hyderabad

    Flights to Kolkata

    Sydney to Kolkata

    Flights to Mumbai From Brisbane, Melbourne

    Sydney to Mumbai

    Flights to Amritsar India From Brisbane Melbourne

    Sydney to Amritsar

    Get the Best Deals on Flights from Sydney to Indian Leading Cities

    We provide you with various flight options to leading Indian cities. Our travel agents ensure you get the best possible deals on flights to India from Sydney with custom solutions under budget

    Check the Range of Travel Services

    Sai World Travel has a lot of experience in the industry and our trained team of travel agents prepares custom travel plans for the various parts of the world from Sydney. With our knowledge and skills, we make sure your holidays are interesting using various activities and tours hosted around the area.

    Tours & Hotel Packages

    Helps you explore the bursting heart of the beautiful locations by welcoming guests with the amazing services and 5-star amenities with the best hotels at your tourist place. You can experience the best-in-class dining, entertainment, and fashion hot spots with our tours and hotel packages.
    Travel Insurance
    Having an enjoyable and entertaining tour is equally important as being safe on the tour. To ensure your safety and full coverage we offer a range of travel insurances which you can pick from our offered list. You can ask for custom plans as well.
    Flight Assistance for Aged
    If you have aged people traveling with you or want to travel all alone, then you must require flight assistance for the aged. We ensure they will get the support, when, where, and the way they want. You can share your requirements with our agents and they will decide for you accordingly.
    Renew Indian Passport
    Being an Indian citizen staying in Sydney or any part of Australia, you may require passport renewal every now or then. We have the solution for your problem as you can get the renewal of your Indian passport near you with the least complexities.
    Overseas Citizen of India
    Being an overseas citizen of India, you will get multiple entries and a lifelong visa to visit India for various reasons. We ensure on the different counters of Immigration as OCI cardholders you will receive benefits at the all-international airports of India.
    Indian Visa Application
    You are been in Sydney for education, business, travel, or job purposes, and when to get the Indian visa application process. Our travel agents will help to take care of all the necessary paperwork and help you get the work done with the least possible errors.

    Why Choose Sai World Travel?

    Sai World Travel is a Sydney and Melbourne-based travel agent that promises to provide you with professional travel and tour services. We work to provide custom solutions for travel requirements. With our years of experience, we have delivered unmatched travel experiences, deals, and consultations to the people. Given are the reasons to make us your choice and they include:

    • Qualified team
    • Experts in organizing group travel for family or business purposes
    • Best deals for interest tours and hotels, travel insurance, and many more
    • Customized plans based on the budget and preferences
    • Unique and personal travel experiences

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