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Understanding OCI Application and Its Guidelines to Follow for Application

A person having Australian citizenship from Indian nationality has to fill out the OCI online application. Once you get certified with the same then can enjoy plenty of benefits which include the right to invest in agricultural property and can be able to travel to India now and then. Getting an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) certificate replaces the POI (persons of Indian Origin) certificate.

What is an OCI Card in Australia?

OCI card is a document given to the Indian origin’s people with Australian citizenship. Indian government does not permit double citizenship, so once you get citizenship in Australia, you will be granted with Overseas Citizenship of India card and you have to surrender your Indian passport and give up the Indian citizenship to enjoy the benefits associated with the OCI card.

How You Can Apply for OCI Online?

OCI services are granted by the VFS Global and they are offered by the Indian Consulate. Any applicant can apply for the same online or can also ask for the same by post. It is completely based on the personal preferences of the candidate. But, when you choose the online option then this will be an easier one, and have to follow a straightforward process. To do that with ease, follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Go to VFS Global – Indian Visa Application Centre- Indian Consulate handles the OCI or PIO at their general office. It can also be outsourced to VFS Global. Visit the website and click on the tab named OCI services.

2. Pick the OCI Service Type – VFS Global provides a range of OCI services. If you are planning to file for the OCI application then choose the correct option there in the dropdown menu. You will see the range of options there including:

  • OCI Miscellaneous Services
  • Overseas Citizenship in India
  • Authorising the details of the new Passport on the PIO card
  • Changing from PIO to OCI and repudiation of Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) Registration.

If you want to apply for a new card then you need to click on the Overseas Citizenship of India option.

3. Go Through the OCI Checklist Australia – When you are planning to apply for OCI, it will be better that you go through the checklist provided by Australia. It will help you understand which documents are required to be submitted. It will also help to complete the application without errors. Some of the checklists of the same include:

  • Form XXII
  • Declaration of repudiation of Indian Citizenship
  • Form S (undertaking)

The application is only considered complete once you submit all these required documents along with the application. Some additional documents required to attach are:

  • Your valid passport
  • Proves to support you belong to Indian origin
  • Latest photographs
  • A marriage certificate is required (If you are applying based on an Indian Spouse)
  • OCI Card or Indian Passport or supporting proof (If you are applying based on an Indian spouse)

Proof of Indian origin is the documents like original Indian Passport when you are ready to give up your Indian Citizenship. Submit your international movement record, Indian passport or spouse’s OCI card, Indian Domicile certificate, documents supporting education, Indian marriage certificate, Indian ration card, Indian Voters ID, and Indian employment record along with ownership records of agricultural land.

You are requested to go through the checklist VFS Australia that will explain to you, which documents are necessary to submit before applying for the card.

4. Complete the Application – Once you have planned to submit your OCI application form, then ensure you have attached the applicant’s photograph along with a scanned image of photographs, and scanned files or all required documents with the application. Upload all the necessary documents while submitting the online application. Ensure you review every document carefully to avoid any errors or mistakes as this can be the reason for rejection or delay of the entire process. After online application submission, take out the print for same. Then place all these documents in a packet.

5. Submit the Offline Application Form – You can submit your application offline as well. For that, you can either drop that packet or can also post it as well to your nearest VFS Global India, Australia. Make a prior appointment before sending your form to the nearest residence or with the jurisdiction near the area. You will get the list of applications through post or in-person drop-off sites on the VFS website.  

If you want to submit your application by hand, then make a prior appointment and visit the centre at a scheduled time. Pay OCI fees in Australia and get ready with the necessary documents there. This is the time when you can correct the errors because you can’t make changes once you submit the documents. If you are sending documents through post then follow the given guidelines to ensure its success.

6. Tracking OCI Application – You can track your OCI online application on the VFS website for current status. This can be done in two ways:

  • To get the notification while submitting the application you can choose the SMS or email option. This way you will receive every notification at every progress level of the application.
  • Track your application online using the invoice or receipt reference number and birth details.

After completion of the application, you will receive your card to your address through post.

Processing Time for OCI Application Australia

The entire process usually takes five to eight weeks if the application is fine and has no documents missing. The expected time given by VFS is eight weeks but chances are that you will get that earlier.

Fees for OCI Application Australia

The fees for the OCI application can be around $300-$500. It is based on the services you choose and additional fees like courier charges of the card, fees for SMS tracking, and others. You can calculate fees for several services for the exact amount.


This is the basic information you should know when filling out for OCI application. You can either get that done on your own using the above process and can also seek an expert’s help. Sai World Travel are the experts to handle your OCI application. We are a team of expert travel agents helping many Indians get their Australian citizenship with our detailed knowledge and vast experience. For more information and personalized services feel free to give us a call!

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